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For athletes or active individuals, any advantage that speeds up rehabilitation from an injury is a bonus. The skilled and knowledgeable professionals at Source One Physical Therapy incorporate AlterG® treadmills that use innovative, anti-gravity technology in physical therapy treatment programs at the state-of-the-art Plano and Fort Worth, Texas locations. These unique treadmills offer a multitude of other neurological and orthopedic health benefits as well. If you’re ready to get back in the game, call or book online to meet one of Source One’s professional physical therapists today.

Alter-G Treadmill Q & A

What is the AlterG treadmill?

The AlterG treadmill uses cutting-edge differential air pressure (DAP) technology that is often used to speed up and optimize physical therapy. Equipped with an “anti-gravity” chamber that offsets the force of gravity, your body weight is brought down to approximately 20% when you run on it.

The chamber forms up and around the treadmill and encircles you at the waist so that when you run, your lower body enjoys the anti-gravity benefits of an easier free range of motion and natural movement.

How do you benefit from using the AlterG Treadmill?

Source One Physical Therapy has different anti-gravity treadmill models with slight variations for broad applications to treat a variety of injuries and conditions. The principle of all the models is the same. The DAP technology reduces workout barriers for injured, or otherwise impaired, patients while supporting normal gait and balance. AlterG treadmills reduce impact, effort, and pain during physical activity and when you work out.

Using AlterG treadmills can lead to a variety of health benefits, including:


The AlterG treadmill allows for pain-free movement during exercise, yet still protects injured tissue that is healing. The trouble-free, reduced resistance workout also helps with healthy conditioning.


With the AlterG, anti-gravity treadmill use is excellent for learning or relearning motor movement in a fall-safe environment, as well as task-specific training. The AlterG treadmill also offers a great opportunity to improve balance, control, and boost strength work.

Chronic condition

Using anti-gravity treadmills like the AlterG enables obese or elderly individuals an avenue to work out with less impact and effort. Gradual training programs and tracking progress can also motivate you to remain engaged over time and offer positive conditioning and overall health results during and after recovering from a chronic condition.

Sports performance

The sports performance and injury rehab benefits of anti-gravity treadmills like the AlterG are diverse. The specialized anti-gravity technology can help limit downtime after an injury, help get an athlete working post-surgery sooner, and increase workout volume during recovery while minimizing re-injury risk during physical therapy.

Who is the AlterG treadmill for?

The AlterG treadmill enables unprecedented unweighting therapy and training capabilities for practically anyone. It can be used to help get athletes back on the field faster, or encourage overweight or obese individuals to incorporate more exercise and physical activity into their daily routine.

Your physical therapist works with you and considers your overall health, individual conditions, and physical fitness goals to develop a customized treatment plan complete with workout specifics and a schedule of visits to use the AlterG treadmill.

Call or book an appointment online to consult with one of the professional and friendly physical therapists at One Source Physical Therapy and see if an AlterG treadmill program might be right for you. This service is only available at the Plano, Texas, location.