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Going back to work after extended time away due to an illness or injury can be nerve-racking. Source One Physical Therapy offers comprehensive physical performance exams (PPEs) at locations in Plano and Fort Worth, Texas, to evaluate your ability to safely return to work. Call or book an appointment online to get a PPE with one of Source One’s skilled professional physical therapists today.

Physical Performance Exam (PPE) Q & A

What is a PPE?

When you spend a long time away from your job for any reason, particularly an accident or injury, it’s perfectly natural to have concerns about your ability to perform your work duties safely and effectively. A physical performance exam (PPE) is a specialized evaluation Source One Physical Therapy offers to ensure you are in good enough overall health to thrive at work.

Why would I need a PPE?

In some occupations, your employer can require you to get a PPE before you return to work. You may also want to get a PPE after a long time away from work due to injury or illness just for your own peace of mind.

You can also get a PPE to see if your condition qualifies you for disability benefits.

What does a PPE consist of?

When you come to Source One Physical Therapy for a PPE, your professional therapist first asks you questions about the accident, injury, or illness that put you out of work. They review your medical history and get sufficient background information from you about your condition.

Your provider performs tests to evaluate your ability to perform the work duties of a typical eight-hour day on the job. These might include:

  • Dynamic strength tests (lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling)
  • Changing position tests (sitting, standing, kneeling, squatting, and stooping)
  • Mobility tests (walking, climbing stairs and ladders, and crawling)
  • Balance tests
  • Fine-motor coordination tests
  • Endurance tests

To perform a PPE, Source One Physical Therapy providers use state-of-the-art muscle strength testing equipment from JTECH. These devices handpieces that your provider places on muscles during your tests evaluate muscle strength deficit by nerve root or peripheral nerve. The readings are linked to a computer and you get faster, more accurate results.

Exam specifics may vary depending on factors like the specific duties of your job and the condition you are recovering from.

How long does a PPE take?

Generally, a PPE takes about two hours. However, since everyone’s condition is different and no two jobs are exactly alike, some PPEs could be longer or shorter than others. Either way, a PPE saves you time and money when you compare it to traditional diagnostic screenings to check for muscle weakness.

If you need a PPE to go back to work, call or book online to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists at Source One Physical Therapy at the Plano or Fort Worth, Texas, location.